Leadership Recognition

Mike Akagi, Kyäni Red Diamond A few years ago, Mike Akagi was living a life of heartache and poverty as a broken, depressed schoolteacher. Mike and his wife Geri should have been retiring and happy. Instead they were without a future and miserable. Mike completely lacked confidence and self-esteem. He didn’t believe in himself or that he could make a change. He even stopped running, one of his life’s passions. Then he was introduced to Kyäni. Mike started taking the products and immediately felt a difference. His mood improved and he started running again. He shared the Kyäni products with friends and family members. They also saw the health benefits of the products and wanted to know more. Then he started building a Kyäni business. Mike said, “I am living proof that an average guy, not a network marketer, but a broke schoolteacher can pick this wonderful opportunity up and have all their dreams come true.”

Jackie Chien, Kyäni Red Diamond Jackie Chien was born in KaoShung, Taiwan. As a country boy, he earned a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. Instead of pursuing a career in engineering, he chose to work in real estate development for twenty years in Southern California. Then, about 15 years ago, Jackie was introduced to network marketing. “I love this business,” he said. “Compared to the real estate development industry, there is no risk. There is more freedom to be my own boss.” Jackie teaches his leaders, “This is your own business. You are the CEO of your teams! Don’t give up!” Jackie is very grateful to be part of the Kyäni Family. “I believe 100 percent that Kyäni will become the giant of the network marketing industry. If you want success in network marketing, this is the one and only chance you will have! Take Action! All In! Win All!”

Sherry Kaalekahi, Kyäni Green Diamond Sherry Kaalekahi loves the outdoors, particularly canoeing and surfing in Hawaii. But her active lifestyle led to a lot of wear, tear, and pain in her shoulder. She started taking Kyäni NitroFX and immediately noticed a difference. It allowed her to Experience More! She also saw remarkable results with the Kyäni Health Triangle on her cardiovascular health! Sherry started telling her friends and family about the Kyäni products and got excited by how easy it was to share. She started building a part-time business that substantially supplemented her income as a machine operator. Sherry was recently able to pay off significant tax debts, something she never would have been able to do without her Kyäni residual income. “I love that Kyäni offers me unlimited income potential,” described Sherry. “I didn’t have to quit my job. Kyäni has created more   choices for me and my family.”

Rikky Brown, Kyäni Green Diamond 

From a young age, my husband and I were taught to get good grades, go to college, and then get jobs that would afford us a life until we could eventually retire.  It sounded like a great plan until I became a mom.  Although I had earned a Master’s Degree as a Physician Assistant and was earning a good income, I was unable to be there to spend time with the people I loved the most.

When Matt and I were introduced to Kyäni, we immediately knew that this was what we had been praying for.  This was a way to have time and money in the same place so that we could be present in our children’s lives and be faithful to our purpose outside of “work.” We cherish our team and will continue to strive to be the best leaders we can as we share Kyäni!

Melissa Ramos, Kyäni Blue Diamond Melissa Ramos is a strong believer in the Kyäni Health Triangle. “With Kyäni, I can make a difference in many peoples’ lives. They can literally feel the difference these products make in minutes,” she said passionately. After seeing what Kyäni is doing for people’s health, Melissa feels that she has a responsibility to share Kyäni with as many people as she can. “You never know what people are going through,” Melissa explained. “I believe the world should be on Kyäni!” Melissa is also a strong believer in the Kyäni’s Compensation Plan. “Kyäni has accelerated my plans to achieve my financial goals,” Melissa continued. “I am also able to help others achieve their goals.” Melissa works diligently to encourage and inspire other leaders to be confident and successful in their own lives. “I’m so very thankful to have this opportunity with Kyäni. I can make a difference in the lives of other people in all aspects of life—health, wealth, and relationships.”

Mike Beazley, Kyäni Diamond Mike Beazley was introduced to Kyäni by his long-time friend, Scott Yamaguchi. Mike wasn’t really looking for a business opportunity but he was interested in creating long-term wealth. “We wanted something that would grow for generations so we could leave a legacy,” Mike explained. He was impressed with the Kyäni Founders and the science of the products. Then the Kyäni products changed Mike’s blood work. On his “report card of health,” he went from C or C- to an A+! The Kyäni business opportunity changed Mike’s life as well. Three years ago, he took an 18-month paternity leave after having twins girls. Mike was completely disconnected from Kyäni but his team still grew and his income stayed strong. During one fiscal year of that leave, Kyäni paid Mike $64,000! “That told us that Kyäni was special!” Mike said. “Not to brag but our Kyäni team, Founders, products business model, leadership, and system allowed our business to grow beyond us, without us!”

Keiki-Dawn Izumi, Kyäni Diamond

Wendy Pacheco, Kyäni Diamond 

Steve Pineda, Kyäni Diamond Steve Pineda got right to work when he found Kyäni. In fact, he recruited three people and got his first check before he ever tasted the Kyäni products! “I’ll never forget when I got my first bonus for hitting Jade. Kyäni was still so small that the Founders Dick and Gayle Powell put a smiley face on my check with the words “Good job!” It meant so much to me. I knew I was part of something huge! Steve’s favorite part about Kyäni is the lifestyle. He has been able to purchase a home in  California—a huge leap from the inner cities of LA where he as raised. “My family tree has never known a millionaire. I have the ability to create over $1 million with my  business and help people create their full potential. This lifestyle affords freedom!”

Alina Towns, Kyäni Diamond Alina Towns started Kyäni with her husband, Micheal, in 2009. Alina had already retired but her goal was to be fully involved in their teenage daughter, Alexis’ life as she prepared for college and life. Additional resources also allowed Alina to travel to her hometown to visit family. Alina referred distributors and acquired customers and Micheal helped close them and support the growth of her Kyäni position. Keeping God first, then her family, and next Kyäni, Alina’s position quickly. Alexis went on to college in the summer of 2014 as a Sapphire and Alina reached Diamond. “What an amazing position to be in to have two Diamonds in one house,’ Alina exclaimed. “Kyäni is a true blessing in our lives!”

Not pictured: Chaoping Ding (Blue Diamond), Yan Wen Wang (Blue Diamond), Zhiwei Han (Diamond), and Shelly Chen (Diamond).

Mary Louise Zeller, Kyäni Red Diamond Mary Louise Zeller is a powerhouse! She is a sixth-degree black belt master instructor, a 20-time US Olympic style Taekwondo National Champion, and nine-time international gold medalist and World Champion. Mary Louise didn’t hesitate when long-time friend Mike Akagi asked her to order the Kyäni products. “I didn’t expect much,” recalled Mary Louise. “But right away I noticed dramatic mental alertness.” She also noticed better sleep and decreased aches, pains, and migraine headaches. After she started taking Kyäni NitroXtreme, she had the strongest performance of her career at the age of 68! “I see 30-100 percent improvement in athletes after they take the Kyäni products!” Mary Louise exclaimed. Mary Louise has become one of Kyäni’s top-money earners and leaders. She emphasizes serving as an example to her organization.

Angel Olvera, Kyäni Purple Diamond Angel Olvera has an incredible story of rags to riches. He grew up on the wrong side of Los Angeles with gangs, drugs, and violence. When Angel became a young father, he felt pressure to provide for his son. Eventually he was introduced to network marketing. He saw the power of leveraging his time, money, and relationships. When Angel was introduced to Kyäni, he started working immediately.  “I had to make Kyäni a success,” he remembers. “I didn’t have a car so I rented one my first two months in the business so I could meet with people and share the story of Kyäni.” Today, Angel has financial freedom. He lives in a gated community in LA, drives a Maserati, and gives to those in need. He also has time freedom to stay home with his wife and new baby girl. “My life is amazing,” Angel said. “I’m living the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of all thanks to Kyäni!”

Larry Barkdull, Kyäni Green Diamond Larry Barkdull joined Kyäni for two reasons. First, he was nearly 60 years old with no retirement. His options were limited. He could try to work until he died, live on Social Security, and move in with his children, or he could re-invent himself. The first three options were unthinkable for Larry so he chose to re-invent himself. “Kyäni provides me with the perfect retirement option,” he explained. “I have been able to compress 40 years of savings into two years of hard work. Not a bad trade-off!” The second reason Larry joined Kyäni was to pursue his non-profit interests. As the founder and president a foundation, he wanted to spend his golden years helping others. “But that takes money, a scare commodity in a dismal economy,” Larry described. “So I decided that the only way I could pursue my dream was to create a funding engine that I could control. Kyäni is a significant part of that funding engine.”

Chris Cannon, Kyäni Blue Diamond As a professional networker, Chris knows network marketing inside and out! He joined Kyäni when he learned about the Kyäni Founders and tried the products. He used to go to the emergency room twice a year with unbearable migraines. Since he started taking Kyäni NitroFX four years ago, he hasn’t had a single migraine. “I have seen the Kyäni products change countless people’s lives, including my own,” Chris recounted. “People come to me, with tears in their eyes, grateful that I shared these products.” Chris also loves the financial stability of Kyäni. He started with $175,000 in credit card debt. Now it’s gone! “I have never seen so many people have this level of success,” Chris exclaimed. “Kyani gave my family the opportunity to ‘have it all.’ We have time, freedom, unlimited financial opportunity, and natural products that have changed our lives. We couldn’t ask for more!”

Marie Gouveia, Kyäni Diamond

Heather Howard, Kyäni Diamond Heather Howard was introduced to Kyäni through the products. Her daughter was struggling with severe asthma and Heather had extremely high cholesterol and high blood pressure. She was working 80-100 hours a week at a Fortune 500 company and didn’t have time for a side business. After learning more, Heather realized the potential of network marketing. She researched the top 100 network marketing companies and analyzed their compensation plans. She only wanted to join the top company and she saw that Kyäni was #1 by far! After working Kyäni for nine months on the side, she retired to create a lifestyle few get to make a reality. Now Heather has time and money together. Best of all, the conditions Heather and her family were dealing with have gone away! Heather says, “Kyäni is a true blessing. I must have done something great in my life to have been introduced to this amazing opportunity to not only change my life but others all around the world!”

Demitrius Siruno, Kyäni Diamond Before Demitrius was introduced to Kyäni, he owned a successful real estate business. But when the economy declined, so did his business. He was left in debt and broke. Demitrius started Kyäni as a way to make some extra money until he could get a job but it quickly became his full time income. Now he and his family are able to live very comfortably. Demitrius and his wife, Ashley, are able to spend as much time with their children as they want. They have earned multiple free vacations and free cars. Demitrius was even able to go back and complete his college education because of their residual income. “Kyäni has been the best financial decision we’ve ever made!” Demitrius exclaimed.

Dan SwinDell, Kyäni Diamond Dan SwinDell had a complicated and stressful life prior to Kyäni. He owned a national Insurance and Securities Brokerage company servicing more than 200 offices in all 50 states. Dan resolved problems for each of the offices despite differing state laws and changing federal laws. Then he found a breath of fresh air with Kyäni! Dan likes the simplicity and leverage Kyäni offers. It took him 17 years to develop 200 offices with 600 agents/brokers. At Kyäni, Dan developed nearly 8,000 independent distributors around the world in just over three years and that number grows by about 10% every month! “Today I can honestly say I own and run my business instead of it owning and running me,” Dan explained. “Now my time is truly my own to work or not work when and where I choose. The time freedom I have is absolutely amazing! Thank you Kyäni!”

Scott Yamaguchi, Kyäni Diamond After 15 years around this industry, Kyäni is the first company Scott can truly stand behind with confidence. “Network marketing has traditionally represented good products but I’ve never experienced the amazing results of Kyäni,” Scott explained. Kyäni helped him with minor health challenges like eczema and allergies along with improved health for his parents and children. But it’s the preventative aspects that give him peace of mind against diseases in his family history. “Prevention is so important,” Scott taught. “I’m not waiting for a diagnosis to take Kyäni!” “Kyäni allows me to help people, gives me purpose, and influences my personal growth,” Scott confided. “Kyäni is an extremely well balanced opportunity that continues to amaze me! I have a newfound desire to achieve more and dream again. I’m rooted with Kyäni and will work hard in supporting my partners to Experience More!”

Micheal Towns, Kyäni Diamond Micheal Towns was a Sr. Manager at a Fortune 500 company but he wanted to be in control of his time, finances, and destiny. He began a career in network marketing 19 years ago, retiring from a six figure, annual income in his early 30s and retiring his wife, Alina. “I knew Kyäni was different,” Micheal recollects. “The compensation plan is amazing but the Founders and Executives are the greatest asset. I want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference with people who want to make a difference. Kyani’s Executive Team has made that possible.” Just five months after joining the business, Micheal hit Diamond. Now he and Alina have even greater resources and time to spend with family and be heavily involved in their daughter, Alexis Rose’s success. “Alina and I have always wanted to be a positive example of what is possible and share those possibilities with others, said Micheal. “With Kyäni, we have a true, workable solution and vehicle to make anyone’s possibility a reality.

International Leaders

Cesar & Carolina Fernandez, Kyäni Green Diamond, Honduras Cesar Fernandez is a medical doctor and a dentist. Being a health professional, it was easy for Cesar and Carolina to believe in Kyäni. They are very grateful to God for allowing them to find the Kyäni opportunity and to achieve success while helping others. The Fernandez’ are thankful to Kyäni for letting their small country of Honduras be a part of this life changing opportunity. They are also grateful for their sponsors, Larry and Buffie Barkdull, Mary Louise Zeller, and Becky & John Bursell. Cesar and Carolina sincerely appreciate all the support, wisdom, and guidance their upline have given them on their path to success. “We would also like to thank our family, friends, children and team,” Cesar and Carolina wrote. “Each of you believed in us! It took vision and hard work. But we did it and we know you can accomplish your dreams too! When there is faith in the future, there is strength in the present. Kyäni is the best health and wealth opportunity in the present and it will become the greatest opportunities in the nearly future! Just get on board and Experience More with Kyäni!”

Maria Magdalena Martinez, Kyäni Diamond, Honduras “In just eight months, Kyäni changed my life,” Maria exclaimed. “I have grown personally. I am able to see so many happy people. I have so many new friends. I have never experienced such an outpouring of love and gratitude as I have at Kyäni.” Maria sees that the people around her are focused on achieving their dreams because they are seeing results! Now she can share her time, her work, and her successes with her children. “Kyäni is the only company that gives me physical, emotional, and financial health. I am able to Experience More,” she continued. Maria sees people dramatically improving their health while experiencing financial freedom. Maria has found success in her business by operating on principles of honesty and faith in God. She strives to develop herself personally everyday to build a strong foundation of growth for her Kyäni business. She promotes teamwork, constantly supporting new growth, and she strives to maintain harmony among her large group. Maria also continues working and creating leaders. “Kyäni gives me everything I need to Experience More!” she said.

Tevaitea Salmon, Kyäni Diamond, Tahiti  Tevaitea Salmon was a journalist and communication advisor for the Government of French Polynesia. Then he fell in love with Kyäni! After a lot of perseverance by the leaders and corporate team, Tahiti officially launched in November 2012 by Founder Kirk Hansen. In June 2014, Tevaitea Salmon became the first Kyäni Diamond in French Polynesia. Tevaitea’s greatest dream is to be free and happy. He inspires hundreds of people with his philosophy of life, teaching them how to overcome their fears, believe in their dreams, and become the leaders they deserve to be. Tevaitea believes that God has placed in every man and woman the divine potential to realize the impossible. He found that network marketing allows everyone to realize their potential and become the “Greatest Version of You.” He is following the way illuminated by Black Diamonds Becky & John Bursell.

Melvin Alegria Pavon, Kyäni Diamond, Honduras Melvin Alegria Pavon is 18-years-old. He said, “The first 17 years of my life, I lived in the wrong system. I was taught to go to school, go to college, and then get a miserable job that would consume my life!” Melvin didn’t like that plan. His father started Kyäni with no experience in network marketing. Originally, Melvin joined Kyäni to support his dad. But when he saw the financial power of the industry, he decided this was the lifestyle he wanted! Now Melvin is one of the youngest Kyäni Diamonds!

Roger & Iris Zavala, Kyäni Blue Diamond, Honduras Roger and Iris are an enterprising couple who understand business, leadership, and hard work. Roger finished his education and started an advertising company. His business allowed him to find entrepreneurial freedom. Later he was introduced to Kyäni. Roger had the vision to introduce the business to Honduras, Central America, and now Latin America. “Kyäni is an opportunity for health and wealth around the world,” Roger said. “With Kyäni, leaders can grow and help other achieve their goals and dreams.” Supported by his wife, Iris Dalila, and their four inspiring children, Roger, Iris, Daniel, and Lizzy, now everyone enjoys the benefits of Kyäni. “I know you can accomplish your mission if you have a dream, vision, and a goal,” Roger explained. “Being a Kyäni team member is hard work, honesty, dedication, effort and perseverance. Thanks to Kyäni, my country and the world are Experiencing More: More Health, More Wealth, and More Life.”

Melvin Omar Alegria, Kyäni Blue Diamond, Honduras

Albert Withenshaw, Kyäni Blue Diamond, Mexico Albert Withenshaw is a radio announcer and entrepreneur in Veracruz, Mexico. As a 26-year-old, he has his own radio show, announces events, and even appears on local television. He loves his job and loves to perform. Even with his successful career in Media, Albert didn’t have the lifestyle he wanted so he started a Kyäni business. Now he is able to travel. He has been on five free vacations in the last two years. He also qualifies for the Mexico car program and drives a Minicooper. “I am happy because Kyäni is a global company,” Albert said. “I can do business anywhere in the world.”

Daniela Del Mar, Kyäni Diamond, Mexico Daniela del Mar Pérez Sánchez is 32 years old. She graduated in International Business and Marketing and she has a Master’s in Finance. Daniela worked in business development and travel but never earned enough money to obtain the lifestyle of her dreams. As a highly competitive person, Daniela wanted to succeed in business and reach her potential. She wanted to help others, live a life of abundance, and own her time. Then she found Kyäni. At first, Daniela was concerned about joining the network marketing industry. But when she saw that the pay plan worked, she began building a team with all her heart. Daniela is the first woman without networking experience to reach Diamond in Latin America, a feat she conquered in just 10 months. “Whatever your mind can dream, it can create,” Daniela explained. “You must take action, dream big, and be willing to do what 95 percent of people won’t do to live like 95 percent of people can’t live. Thanks to Kyäni I feel complete and happy. I’m transforming lives and helping people become the best version of themselves!”

Arturo Ramirez, Kyäni Diamond, Mexico Arturo Ramirez is 25 years old. He is excited to be part of Kyäni and GVOY because he sees that it can change lives. Two years ago, Arturo was working as an accountant when realized that he would never achieve his goals working for someone else. He started looking for an alterative, a real business where he could earn an extra income, travel, and do the things he wanted. Now he knows Kyäni is that opportunity. He has learned new business skills and how to become a great leader. He has been able to meet incredible people from all over the world who have found success with Kyäni. He wants to thank John and Becky Bursell, Vision Group, Albert Withenshaw and Angel Olvera for their leadership and support. “Now I can enjoy the lifestyle of my dreams,” Arturo explained. “I can have fun with my family and travel the world!”

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