Early in their marriage, John and Becky Bursell learned the importance of sacrifice. Becky quit college to put John through school. He graduated and started a demanding career with a good income, high stress levels, and even longer hours. They dreamed of spending time with family and creating a legacy for their children. When Becky was introduced to network marketing, she knew she found the answer. The couple took a huge leap of faith. John quit his job so they could focus on building a network marketing business full-time. At first, it was a struggle to maintain their qualifications and pay check but over time, they learned how to build and maintain a profitable business.
A few years later, Becky was introduced to Kyäni. Initially she wasn’t interested in a new opportunity. But when she met with the Kyäni Founders, she changed her mind. She loved that each of the founders had vision for the future of the company coupled with strong business experience. John developed a strong passion for Kyäni after studying the ingredients and research behind each product. Once John and Becky decided to join the Kyäni team, they never looked back. They were able to triple their residual income within five months! Now, as Kyäni’s highest-ranking distributors, the Bursell’s have the lifestyle of their dreams with a perfect balance between work and family. They Experience More traveling the world, enjoying incredible opportunities, and spending time together as a family. But more importantly, they’ve helped thousands people create multiple streams of income. Many of those individuals have become financially independent, even flat out wealthy.
“Kyäni gave us more than we ever thought possible. We have a significant income that allows us to do whatever we want and we can spend time together as a family. Kyäni is exactly what we were looking for so many years ago!” Becky Bursell

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