John and Becky Bursell have a genuine passion for helping everyone achieve success in Kyäni! They wanted to do everything in their power to help YOU become the leader YOU would want to follow. As a result, the Bursell’s decided to mentor an elite group of up-and-coming leaders on their journey to achieving Diamond. This select group of leaders was invited to join the GVOY Club. John and Becky flew each member into Salt Lake City, Utah for two days of intense training, wining, and dining. Every member of GVOY Club shared their passion for Kyäni, the products, and their vision for the future. Becky provided extensive training to accelerate their push to Diamond. Then they enjoyed a 5-star dining experience at one of the premier restaurants in Salt Lake City.

Next, Becky traveled to each market to host Personal Business Receptions (PBRs) for each leader. She conducted personal phone calls with GVOY Club members each week to provide guidance, answer questions, host three-way calls, and do anything she could to help each GVOY Club member succeed. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that elevated each and every one of their businesses and personal leadership skills.

Will you be the next up-and-coming leader invited to join the Bursell’s exclusive GVOY Club?

Hawea Ah Loy

Entered GVOY Club Ruby; Graduated Emerald

Before Kyäni, Hawea was living a dream that turned into a nightmare. She left her husband to find a better way for herself and her three children. She didn’t have a college education, a car, or any money to support her family. As a single mom, she was working four part-time jobs to provide for her family. She sought welfare, child support, and government assistance. Then Hawea was invited to a Kyäni presentation. “With absolutely no intentions of joining, I left my purse at home and went for the food! I had no time and no money,” Hawea admitted. But Hawea’s mom took some samples that dramatically reduced her chronic back and joint pain. Hawea saw the power of the Kyäni products and borrowed money to get started. Today, Kyäni is a blessing! Hawea quit her jobs, no longer qualifies for welfare, and drives an Audi paid for by Kyäni. As a six-figure earner, she enjoys a balanced life with her family.

Hawea believes that the best part of her success is helping others succeed. She loves the Kyäni Founders and local leaders in Hawaii including Mike Akagi, Scott Yamaguchi, Chris Cannon and Melissa Ramos. She is also a huge advocate of the Greatest Version of You. “It is designed for us—you and I—to achieve greatness,” Hawea taught. “Becky Bursell is the real deal. She is a giver and a great mentor who invested in me to strive above and beyond. She is an inspiration to many. Thank you so much Becky!”

Letica Candlaria-Allen

Entered GVOY Club Sapphire; Graduated Sapphire

Getting involved with the Greatest Version of You has been the best decision I ever made! When I got the call from Becky Bursell to join the GVOY Club, I was really unsure of myself and my ability to grow in the ways she said I could and would. The greatest lesson I learned from GVOY was that I do have it in me to be awesome. Regardless of the pitfalls, worrisome nights, or personal disappointments, the key to success is to never, ever give up…and I haven’t! My rank may not have changed, but my belief in myself, my business, and my market is Double Black Diamond strong! I’m breaking out and claiming my crown as a Diamond and beyond in Kyäni! Mrs. Bursell’s example and her vision for excellence in all of us makes GVOY so special and Kyäni a dream company! Keep the vision keen in 2015!”

Keiki-Dawn Izumi 

Entered GVOY Club Sapphire; Graduated Emerald

My name is Keiki-Dawn from Kaneohe, Hawaii. When I was given the opportunity to have guidance and support from Kyäni’s top leader, it was an opportunity I could not pass up! I want to thank my local leaders for their support and confidence in my work ethic. Their love and support gave me the opportunity to be mentored by Becky Bursell. When Becky called me and invited me to join GVOY Club, I got goose bumps. I have always wanted to be in the same arena with like-minded individuals. We learned and listened to each other’s dreams. Everyone shared and we all aspired to higher levels. Becky’s guidance gave me confidence to go beyond my comfort zone.

I have learned to become a leader that everyone will follow, to train Becky’s simple techniques, and I have learned how to advance in rank and leadership. I’m just a pineapple on a little island. But for me, Becky is just a phone call away, giving me encouragement along the way. It’s amazing! She came to Hawaii to do a meeting for me. I share with people that Becky preserved and did not give up. It’s rewarding to know that she is ordinary like all of us, but her dreams are bigger!

Demitrius Siruno

Entered GVOY Club Ruby; Graduated Diamond

My experience with GVOY Club and working directly with Mrs. Becky Bursell has been amazing! I was a Ruby for over six years and the month after I became a member of GVOY Club, I was able to get the mentoring and direction I needed to reach Emerald.

The month after that, I was able to reach Diamond. I was also able to help a lot of my team members reach different ranks. There were just a couple things I needed to adjust to get me over that hump. Through GVOY Club, I was able to reach heights that I wasn’t able to for over six years! It’s been such a huge blessing to work with the Bursell’s and all the GVOY Club members!

Rikky Brown

Entered GVOY Club Ruby; Graduated Diamond

When Becky invited me to join the GVOY Club, I was initially over the moon excited! But then, if I’m truly being honest, I became a little nervous. I knew that most people would live for the chance to work one on one with the top producers in all of Kyäni but I also realized that there would be an expectation of me. Setting aside my fears and placing priority on becoming the leader my team deserves for me to be, I jumped in! Looking back, I am so glad that I did!  Having the personal mentorship of John and Becky Bursell has challenged me in the best of ways. It has allowed my business to soar to new heights!

Heather Howard

Entered GVOY Club Ruby; Graduated Diamond

Being a part of the GVOY Club has been such an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity! We were able to bond with each other and share experiences with one another. The training from Mrs. Becky Bursell was remarkable! “One on one” mentorship from such an outstanding leader was so over the top insane!  I’m blessed to have been able to be a part of this club. It definitely helped me get the added experience I needed to go to the next level with my business.  The training was that missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle. I want to personally thank Mrs. Becky Bursell for creating GVOY Club. What an outstanding mentorship program! By far the most amazing experience!

Adrienne Kaleimamahu 

Entered GVOY Club Sapphire; Graduated Ruby

Aloha! My name is Adrienne Kaleimamahu. I’m a Ruby from Waipahu, Hawaii. Kyäni came along a few months after I had resigned from my job of 14 years at the US Postal Service to stay home and take care of my parents, my son with mental illness, and my two granddaughters. It allowed me the flexibility to work from home while generating an amazing residual income. Kyäni has also given my mom and dad a better quality of life by improving their heart health.

I was very closed to starting any kind of home-based business because I was never successful in the past. But, due to the power of the products and the results that people were getting, I jumped on board and began helping others to achieve success. I achieved Sapphire in just three months and earn an Audi A-4. My husband quickly copied exactly what I did and hit Sapphire one month after me! I encourage everyone that dreams of a better quality of life for their health or their finances, to take a serious look at Kyäni. It really works, it’s a lot of fun, and we help others experience more out of life!

Kim Marin

Entered GVOY Club Ruby; Graduated Ruby

Wendy Pacheco 

Entered GVOY Club Emerald; Graduated Diamond

Kyäni has been such a blessing in my life! Along with this blessing came an amazing woman, Becky Bursell. I was honored when Becky chose to mentor me to reach Diamond and be part of the GVOY Club. I love Becky’s focus, determination, and most importantly, her motivation. She sees in you what you may not see in yourself yet. I knew that I was truly becoming “the greatest version of myself” while working with her. I could see how strong I was becoming to help others become the greatest version of themselves too. My belief in Kyäni and this remarkable opportunity has become the foundation of my strength. I attribute that strength to Becky’s strong influence, leadership, and example. She is a fantastic leader! I love the joy she finds in helping others and her incredible knowledge that whatever you dream is possible!!! Turning passions into profits!!!

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